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TSPlus is the most cost-effective and easy-to-use alternative to Windows Terminal Services or Citrix. TSPlus seamless client provides fast, efficient access - even over high-latency dial-up lines and Internet connections. Terminal Service Plus is completely transparent to your users. Remote applications look and feel exactly the same as natively-running applications. Therefore, you save time and training costs. 

Benefits overview
  • Lowest-cost Citrix/TS product available on XP, VISTA, W7, W8 and 2003/2008/2012 systems (32 and 64 bit)
  • No requirement for Terminal Service CALs.. No need for Terminal Service (Remote Desktop Service) license manager
  • Low cost, high value, and excellent performance in an easy-to-use solution
  • Support of 32 bits colors, dual-screen, bi-directional sound, USB devices and much more
  • Enhanced AdminTool simplifies the server management process
  • Advanced Application Control by user and/or by group
  • Fast file transfer between the user PC and the TSplus server
  • Extended remote printing capabilities made possible by our TSplus Universal Printer
  • Load balancing and failover allow up to ten servers within one farm
  • Secured server communication (Hide server drives, RDP firewall, encryption...)
  • Seamless Application Publishing and Remote APP (such as Citrix or MS RDS)
  • Internet Web Access using IE, Opera, Netscape, Filezilla...
  • Secured Web Access with SSH Tunneling, port forewarding over HTTP and HTTPS
  • Gateway Portal to connect to multiple servers
  • HTML5 client enabling connection from IPAD and Android tablets

Whats New:
  • The HTML5 client performances have been dramatically improved. It even enables nice display of videos, animated GIF, Flash videos! This unique enhancement gives us a major advantage over any other RDP/HTML5 solution. The new HTML5 with "RDP native protocol" included is deliver faster response time and better file transfer capabilities.
  • The HTML5 Top Menu can be customized to add or to remove any Windows application. This can be useful when only one application is published and you wish to add some more features to your users like changing the password or opening a documents shared folder.
  • A new powerful Gateway Reverse Proxy server role is now available. It enables to have one Gateway installed in DMZ with one single WAN IP address. This server will act as proxy to connect to multiples Application Servers inside the Intranet. With this new functionality, users will access the load balanced farm of servers from the TSplus Web Portal front-end and this will be achieved using one single IP address.
  • Windows 10 and IE 12 are now supported. TSplus is W10 ready.
  • The management of the Support/Updates subscriptions and its renewal was not accurately done up to now. To prevent such confusions, we decided to enhance this service. It is now possible to buy on-line one, two or three years of Support/Updates services and to receive a "Support.lic" file which enable to activate the TSplus license maintenance rights.
  • The Universal Printer has been improved to avoid the system to wait from the user to complete each local print task prior to handle the next one. This enhancement has also been implemented for the Open-On-Client feature. The user is no more blocked is an Excel document or a PDF print is display on his local PC.
  • All known issues of the release 8.10 has been fixed in the release 8.20 and many minor other enhancements have been added.


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